Callchain System Monthly Report for May 2021


  1. CallMask is in development
  2. Fix CallWallet transaction bug, online CallWallet Kline feature
  3. Release CallData version 1.0.0, and add account balance statistics


  1. Callchain Twitter followers and Telegram users are increasing
  2. CALL/CNT trading pair is taken off the list from SWTC wallet
  3. CALL/USD trading pair is list in CallWallet, and USD to USDT gateway is online
  4. Callchain foundation is doing ten million CALL token buyback plan
  5. BEP20 CALL token logo is list and can be search on TokenPocket wallet
BEP20 CALL Token in TokenPocket Wallet
Callchain Twitter Profile Page


First half of May 2021, CALL token is mainly trading in SWTC wallet, open price is 0.01320 CNT, low price is 0.01320 CNT, high price is 0.035 CNT, close price is 0.035 CNT. Second half of May 2021, CALL token is trading in CallWallet, open price is 0.0025 USD, low price is 0.0025 USD, high price is 0.00653 USD, close price is 0.005 USD. In May 2021, Callchain foundation buyback 9,785,412.546387 CALL token.

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