Callchain System Monthly Report for November 2021


  1. CallMask is postponed.
  2. Callchain node is under maintain.
  3. Callchain team provide technology for cooperated DeFi project.


  1. Callchain Twitter and Telegram are on operating.
  2. Callchain USD gateway withdraw is under processing.

Now Callchain customer service is in Telegram, Twitter and Medium. Callchain foundation decide to stop update Wechat Official Account and maintain Wechat group in end of 2021. I will wait you in Callchain Telegram and Callchain Twitter. Welcome you to our new media groups. Also please keep safe in Telegram, anyone DM you is scammer. Keep your wallet safe.


In November 2021, From CallData, the price rush to 0.036 USD for short moment, and now fall back to 0.005 USD. The sell offer in 0.005 to 0.036 are all token. Any CALL token holder are welcome to provide liquidity in CallWallet.

The Volume of CALL token in November is 23,600.

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