Callchain System Monthly Report for October 2021


  1. CallMask is under development, and source code is opened at Github. The repo is CallMask.
  2. Callchain node is under maintain.
  3. Callchain team provide technology for cooperated DeFi project.


  1. Callchain Twitter and Telegram are on operating.
  2. Callchain USD gateway withdraw is under processing.
  3. Callchain 10 millions CALL token buyback plan is on going.

Now Callchain customer service is in Telegram, please enter out Telegram group.


In October 2021, From CallData, the price maintained at 0.005 USD. Callchain foundation have no buy back action.

Until now, Callchain foundation has buybacked 9,400,400 CALL token, left amount will be added in next round of buyback plan.

We welcome CALL token holder to trade in CallWallet

The amount to process USD token from buyback plan is comg28VYUWDzRJZQvixBrWXQhecSgJyLV

The total amount used for buyback plan is 47,002.3 USDT, and all is sent back to USD gateway.

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